To begin your application process click here: APPLY ONLINE.  You will be directed to, a system powered by Time and Talents ©2006-2018 software.

  • Membership is FREE to everyone! 
  • Membership approval is contingent on successful completion of the application process
  • Youth under 18 years of age require parental/legal guardian written consent and supervision
  • Local organizations and businesses may join (this may raise your agency's visibility in the community and increase volunteerism)

A Paper application is part of the application process. You may print a copy for completion and mail it to the address below or send by email to attention: CTE Coordinator.  Applications are available in Spanish, the T&T system is cheageable to any one of a vareity of 103 languages.

Community Time Exchange
c/o Family Involvement Center
5333 N. 7th Street, A-100
Phoenix AZ 85014

To request a compehensive program presentation for yourself, your group or agency please call (602) 412-4090 or the Family Involvement Center's Parent Assistance Center at (602) 288-0155 or send an email requests to

Member Rights and Responsibilities

Every Community Time Exchange member has the RIGHT to:

Receive time-based credit hours for service provided (rounded to the nearest quarter hour increment).
Use credit hours on any service offered by any other member.
Donate credit hours to any other member(s).
Participate in an honest and trusting environment.
Have privacy and confidentiality maintained and protected.
Be valued and treated equally.

Every Community Time Exchange member has the RESPONSIBILITY to:

Embrace the core values of the Community Time Exchange.
Respect and protect the privacy and confidentiality of other members.
Ensure an honest and trusting environment.                                                                                              

Honor commitments, communicate expectations and to perform to the best of your ability.

Have fun!